My Story

Welcome to my journey as a solo entrepreneur! Driven by the emerging potential of AI in education, I have created a platform that is transforming the landscape of assessments and evaluations. I saw the struggle educators and interviewers faced with manual grading and intricate assessment processes and recognized a need for innovation. Through my venture, I've designed a solution that automates the creation and grading of exams, performance reviews, and interviews, making accurate and fast evaluations accessible to all.

What We Offer

Assessment and Evaluation Tool utilizes advanced AI technology to instantly generate custom questions based on your curriculum, job requirements, or assessment criteria. The platform scores and provides feedback in real-time, delivering precise results that guide immediate and future learning and hiring decisions. All of this is done with ease, saving countless hours traditionally spent on manual preparation and grading.

Getting Started

Create your account and begin with 17 free credits to fully experience the power of our assessment tools. While many features are available at no cost, AI-driven tasks, such as question generation and answer evaluation, will use credits. One credit per question and one credit per answer evaluated – efficiency has never been simpler. Moreover, with only three credits, add a unique AI-generated representative image to your assessments, making them stand out and resonate more with your audience.

Note: Basic operations such as account creation and general navigation are entirely free. Name and allocate your credits with total control for a smart and budget-friendly experience.

Your Success is Our Goal

As a committed partner in your educational and professional journey, I am devoted to providing tools that not only measure but also inspire growth. Whether you're an educator seeking to enhance the learning experience or a business leader looking to refine the recruitment process, our Assessment and Evaluation Software is your next step to success. Let's redefine the future of education and evaluation together!

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